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steam turbines

Steam Turbines

Steam Turbines are thermal machines which have the role of transforming the energy of the steam pressure in kinetic energy, in the stator turbines blades and, subsequently, into mechanical energy in the rotor blades. This mechanical energy is used more often for the operation of an electrical generator. A system based on steam turbine consists of three components: a heat source, a steam turbine and a heatsink. Common heat source is a boiler that produces overheated steam, regardless of the nature of fuel used.


Nowadays, most of the electrical energy produced in the world is generated through steam turbines.


The efficiency of the steam turbines reaching up to 33% in the case of condensation turbines. The overall efficiency depends on the  type  of turbine – between 60 and 85%. The steam turbines are used in Power Plants with or without cogeneration, refineries, industrial complexes and any other industrial branch which requires safety and durability. Another significant application of the turbines is represented by the potential of waste wood.


Along with our partners M+M Turbinen-Technik sn Lambion we can achieve complete projects in biomass, for the  production of electrical and thermal energy.


B-Team Energy and Environment supplies steam turbines in the power range between 1 MW and 10 MW and the projects are designed to perform on your precise requirements. 

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