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CHP natural gas echipaments between 50 and 200 kW

CHP on natural gas 50 kW 200 kW

2G CHP equipment produce simultaneous thermal and electrical energy direct-to-consumer, using natural gas as primary energy source. Because energy is produced where it is needed, it is losses by transport and distribution are avoided.

By installing a CHP equipment, the emission of greenhouse gases (CO2) and (of) pollutants are significantly reduced,  in order to contribute to sustainable environment protection. 

A CHP equipment helps to ensure the consumer energetic independence compared to electrical efficiency supplier. 

Due to the high efficiency of 2G innovative technology, CHP equipment on natural gas with power between 50 KW and 200 KW it is very appreciated. The modules in this power range are equipped with MAN engine which  are easy to install and have silent-mode operation.  

Also, all the equipment are built in a standard mood with a special application which allows permanent remote monitoring and control of the operation. 


Typical Applications

  • Rezidentiale areas
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Swimming pools
  • Green house
  • Office buildings
  • Sports centers


Tehnical Data

Modules Electrical Thermal Electrical Thermal Tehnical 
Performances Performances Efficiency Efficiency Data
2G-KWK-100-EG 100 kW 130 kW 36,9% 47,9% Descarca
2G-KWK-140-EG 140 kW 207 kW 36,5% 53,9% Descarca
2G-KWK-200-EG 200 kW 256 kW 37,4% 47,9% Descarca


Photo gallery

Echipamente cu ardere interna pe gaze naturale cu putere intre 50 si  200kW Echipamente cu ardere interna pe gaze naturale cu putere intre 50 si  200kW Complexe rezidentiale Spitale Hoteluri Bazine Cladiri de birouri Centre sportive

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