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Promotion system for the production of energy from renewable source

Promotion system for the production of energy from renewable source sustain sustainable development at local and regional level, such as the reduction of environmental pollution, caused by pollutant emissions and greenhouse gases.

This sistem is applicable for electrical energy, delivered in electrical grid and to final consumers.

To produce electrical energy are used the following types of fuel:

  • geothermal energy
  • biomass
  • biogas
  • fermentation of waste gas and a mud from wastewater treatment plants
  • other types of energy: wind, solar, hydraulics

Green certificate is a title which attest production from renewable source an amount of electrical energy of 1 MWh. The certificate can be distinctly trade amount of electrical energy which it is representative of an organized market, in accordance with the law. 

The certificate can be distinct from the trade amount of electricity that it is an organized market, in accordance with the law  - * Law 220/2008, Art. 2, point h.

Get two green certificate for 1 MWh of electrical energy produced and delivered in the national energy system, using types of fuel mention above.

Also, you get an additional green certificate in the following situations:

  • in the case of biomass from the energy crops
  • in the case of biogas plants if you use high efficiency cogeneration

Electrical energy manufacturers/ producers which use renewable source can benefit from green certificates, if they hold original certificates for biomass. These are obtained from the Ministry of the Environment and Forests and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, depending on the type/ nature of the material to be used as biomass.

Green certificates are monthly emited/issued to the producers for the amount of electrical energy from renewable source by the carrier and system. (TRANSELECTRICA)

Of the total energy is low electrical energy used for its own purposes.

Certificates are issued in electronic format and have a shelf life of 16 month from date of issue.

The value of a certificate may vary from 27 to 55 euros, and their trading is done on the centralized market or on bilateral contracts market green certificates.

Electrical energy producers from renewable source benefit, the guaranteed acces to the network and electric current is contracted and sold at market price.

For a proper understanding of the way of calculating the profit obtained as a result of obtaining green certificates, we will give you a simple example:

The number of green certificates montly issued, from operator transport, is calculated as the product between the quantity of electrical energy delivered and the number of green certificates, which the economic operator must receive on 1 MWh produced and delivered in the electrical grid or from the consumer.

            VCV = E * 30 days/month * NCV * PCV


VCV - Income from the green certificates;

E – The amount of energy produced and delivered in the grid within 24 hours (MWh);

NCV - The number of green certificates that energy producer get from renewable sources, in the case of biogas and biomass. If the energy is produced with the help of high efficiency cogeneration plant, 2 green certificates are issued for each MWh produced and delivered MWh and  for an additional certificates.

PCV –  The price of certificate trading (Euro)

For a CHP plant on biogas with a power at 200 kW, which works at maximum capacity, we will obtain 1 MWh in 5 hours. Setting the certificate price of  50 euros, we get:

VCV = 4.8 MWh/day * 30 days/month * 3 green certificates * 50 euro/certificate

VCV = 21600 euro/month

In other words, the profit obtained in the green certificates trading is, in this case of 21600 Euro/month, without integrate the profit by selling of energy.