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cogeneration equipment


The concept of cogeneration defines simultaneous production of two energy forms: electrical and thermal, with the same installation, using a single fuel/ using the same primary energy source.

CHP equipment are appreciated around the world, being installed in the most diverse environments: the individual spaces to industrial spaces. 

How it works? 

The basic components of CHP installations internal combustion are:

  • An engine running on natural gas, biogas or syngas
  • Electric generator
  • Heat exchanger for recovery thermal recovery

The operating principle is the transformation of mechanic energy produced by the engine in electrical energy through a generator. This process uses, as primary fuel – natural gas or biogas.

Thermal energy is obtained using of heat exchangers, by different ways of recovering heat from the exhaust it gases, from the engine cooling system and oil cooling system.

Under the terms of the recovery heat is used in a heating process, total efficiency of a entire system gets/ reaches about 90%.

Advantages of high efficiency cogeneration

cogeneration installation

Simultaneous production of thermal and electrical energy, in cogeneration plants, is considerably more efficient than their separate production.

Efficiency is observed at the amount level of primary fuel used.

So that, it will consume/ use up to 40% less fuel.

Fuel comsumption reduction for energy production entails low costs, and by default, a substantial economy, that contributes to the short period of amortisment.

Receiving 2-3 green certificates/ MW obtained for electrical energy produced from renewable energy, contribute significantly to the amortisment reduction/ to reducing amortisment time. 

By installing a cogenerator, the customer will benefit from energetic independence, in comparison to using power and heat from the grid. 

Other advantajes of the cogeneration plants:

  • Reduction of up to 40%  polluting emissions or greenhouse, like carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Low costs of exploitation and maintenance
  • Flexibility in use

Aplicability of CHP installation

Cogeneration is appropiate in any application where there is a constant need of thermal and electrical energy:

-       either as hot water, usually at 90/70 0C, at request and in other  parameters

-       as steam, at various temperatures and pressure

Thus, CHPs can be installed in hotels, hospitals, shopping centers, residentials, SPAs, office buildings, glass houses, as in industry: pharmaceuticals, foods, chimicals, petrochemical and more.

In addition, CHP equipment are appropiate where there is the possibility to produce biogas: in wastewater treatment, at farms, in agricultural area or at the landfills.

B-Team Energy and Environment is the Romanian supplier of 2G Energy, a German company which offers the highest performance CHP units in Europe.

Optimization of 2G products has led to obtain/enhanced more performances – at present 2G equipment on biogas have the highest electrical efficiency on the market.

More benefits of 2G CHP installations:

  • various range of powers (starting from 50 kW to 3 MW)
  • the delivery is made in full version features, there is no additional component required
  • easy and fast to install
  • high quality of the components of the entire system

 cogenerare gaze naturale instalatii

Schema energie eficienta
Comparatie intre producerea separata si combinata de energie electrica si termica



Trigeneration defines simultaneous production of three energy forms: electrical, thermal energy in the form of heat and thermal energy in the form of cold, the latter, being obtained through an adsorption chiller. It can use both hot wáter obtained in cogeneration as well as direct combustion gases of CHP equipment (thermal/ heat engine) to produce the cold.