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What is biomass?

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Biomass is the first form of energy used and represents the most spread renewable source on the earth.

The biomass can be obtained from agricultural area, forest and plastics waste, as well as the industrial and urban activity.  


Which are the advantages of biomass? 

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The biomass plays a considerable role for urban and rural development and used effectively presents the following advantages:

  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Increases the efficiency of various industries
  • Creates new opportunities for investors
  • Reduces the impact of prices increases in energy grid
  • Provides a large seasonal high efficiency
  • Can replace the expensive resources of conventional energy with local biomass resources
  • The costs of the supply and also of the used fuel can are reduced compared with the fossil fuels

How is biomass harnessed?

The basic technologies for  biomass energy are biomass plant similar to thermal power plants.

As a result of combustion, it produces steam under pressure that is transferred in the turbine, so that producing electrical power and an important component of heat in the form of hot water or steam, depending on the needs of the project.

Nowadays, there is a huge biomass potential untapped, the most of it coming from agricultural and forest waste.