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cogeneration installation biogas


What is biogas?

Biogas is a fuel gas, resulted from decomposition and fermentation of various organic materials: urban waste, industrial and agricultural.

How is biogas produced?

Biogas can be obtained through several methods such as:

  • Waste water treatment plant
  • Treatment of urban solid waste
  • Industrial solid waste treatment
  • Agriculture
  • Animal

The waste products don’t assume costs and are a spread and renewable source of  raw material. 

cogeneration installation biogas


Chimical process of organic raw transformation into biogas calls fermentation and is made between 30-60 days. This can be both aeroba and anaerobic, depending on type of raw material and technology used.

A biogas plant presents the following components:

   - a digester: a metallic tank in which takes place the digestion process

   - a tank of biogas storage

   - filtration plant that remove impurities such as sulfide Hydrogen 


Through the following scheme, drawing functionality of the main components of the biogas plant:

biogas schema


Using biogas in cogeneration


Biogas caloric power is given by methan gas content. Methan gas level varies depending on the type of raw material used to obtain the biogas.

Depending on the raw materials which the customer have, we can determine an appropiate calculation of your project. Contact us