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What are the main criteria for sizing a CHP plant?

In most cases, the size of CHP equipment is based on minimum hourly heat consumption, which remains constant throughout the year. 

In this way, the cogeneration plant will operate at full capacity all year long, resulting maximum efficiency and a fast return on investment. 

Example: residential districts, hotels, hospitals. Another method is that the  cogeneration equipment  is going to operate continuously at maximum electrical power. This operating strategy is used, when the entire amount of energy produced is delivered to the national grid or when the cogeneration covers just a part of the power consumption of the beneficiary. The size for biogas cogeneration equipment depends on the amount of biogas produced. For a free analysis of a cogeneration project, please fill in the questionnaire below. 

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What is the life expecting of a CHP?

The average life of the equipment depends on the operating parameters and the number of annual operating hours. Also should be considered other factors such as installation, quality of fuel used, maintenance and repairs made ​​during the entire life cycle of installation. The average life expectancy of equipment reaches 14-15 years, but with proper maintenance, it can be extended up to 18-20 years.

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What is the payback/ amortization period of time?

Return on investment time depends on the following factors:

  • Installed power
  • The Fuel type (biogas or natural gas)
  • The Fuel cost
  • The price paid for electricity purchased by the customer from the grid
  • The price paid by the beneficiary to purchase / produce the heat from other sources
  • The annual period of operation
  • The use of electricity (for self-consumption or sale network)
  • The obtaining of green certificates - for biogas or cogeneration bonus - natural gas (click here for details).

The real payback time of the investment can vary from 4 to 8 years, in case the equipment runs on biogas and meets the necessary conditions to qualify  for green certificates. Our specialists can provide for free, a primary feasibility analyze of a cogeneration project based on data supplied by you, to define the project, exactly. For further information about cogeneration equipment, the return on investment or services provided, please fill in the questionnaire or contact us.

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What is the delivery time?

Standard delivery time for cogeneration equipment provided by 2G is between 4-6 months after signing the contract and the advance is paid. Delivery time could be reduced depending on the stocks manufacturers, but a real time will be communicated after establishing all technical details and signing the contract.

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What is the price of a 2G cogeneration equipment?

The price of a cogeneration system depends on several factors such as following factors:

  • The used  fuel - natural gas, biogas, syngas obtained from various sources
  • The place and type of installation - in anti-noise canopy, inside the heating/thermic system, or outside in a container or in a special construction
  • The type of operation - in parallel with the national network, in island mode, variants combined
  • The automation level of other existing systems and manner they connect with cogeneration.

Further information regarding the total cost of implementing a cogeneration system adapted to your situation, please fill in the questionnaire or contact a specialist (from our company).

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Who takes care in with installation and implementation of cogeneration equipment?

A cogeneration equipment is ready to be used and goes/pass through several stages.The process of installation will take about two days. This can be done by 2G company experts, or by the itself or another selected company. In the second case, our company provides full documentation and instructions necessary for the installation of the cogeneration equipment.2G Specialists from Gemania, perform the implementation of cogeneration equipment that lasts 2 to 4 days. This process involves making final tests and specific settings for equipment operation. After the installation is settled, 2G experts/specialists, performs the test setup and takes between 2 and 4 days. Commissioning must be done, invariably, by producer to guarantee the cogeneration equipment.

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How is performed the online operation?

All 2G equipment are prepared to be connected to a ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) telephone network, in which the main operating parameters can be seen by the customer via Internet, using a special software provided by 2G. This software allows the machine to be stopped, restarted or to support changes in certain operating parameters. Also, all equipment  are monitored continuously, from the command center of 2G Bio-Energy from Germany,  with the benefit to intervene quickly in case of errorOn demand, you can install a UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) modem, to supervise the equipment through mobile data network.

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What is the guarantee period for 2G cogeneration equipments?

Standard warranty period for cogeneration equipment, offered by our company is 12 months. At customer request, the guarantee can be extended by another 12 months.

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Does B-Team Energy and Environment maintains technical and post guarantee repairs?

B-Team  Energy and Environment has a specialized team in technical maintenance and repair of equipment, accredited by the producer. We provide both regular technical maintenance (oil change, spark replacement, etc), according the plan of each equipment and extensive repairs in emergency situations. If special technical problems  occur the time of the specialist intervention team is maximum 48 hours in any area of ​​Romania.

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