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CHP biogas equipment

CHP biogas equipment


CHP 50 kW 200 kW biogas equipment

50-200 kW

Biogas CHP equipment “filius” and ‘KWK”, with power between 50 and 200 KW, have the benefit of MAN engine technology as well as the 2G experience in biogas and generators engine optimization for obtaining enhances performances. 

CHP 200 kW 500 kW biogas equipment

200-500 kW

2G company, specialized in CHP equipment on biogas, installed untill 2016 more than 4500 equipment over the world, the majority in the power range of 200 to 500 KW. 

 CHP 500 kW biogas equipment

over 500 kW

B-Team Energy and Environment presents  2G “avus” modules on biogas with an electrical power, over 500 KW, used for large biogas installations. 


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