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CHP biogas equipments between 50 and 200 kw

echipament cogenerare biogaz 50 kW 200 kW

Biogas CHP equipment “filius” and ‘KWK”, with power between 50 and 200 KW both benefit from MAN engine technology as well as the 2G experience in biogas and generators engine optimization for obtaining enhanced performances. 

Filius is a ready to use integrated module in a  container with dimensions of 6.06 x 2.44 x 2.89 that integrated all components based on the mature 2G technology. This afford low costs of installation and transport. 

2G CHP installations offers optimum solution for the capitalization of biogas, with  maximum efficiency, indifferently on how that is obtained: from animal waste, from vegetable scraps, from the mud of waste water treatment stations or from landfill. 

2G – KWK equipment is different from "filius" series because it has an engine power starting at 190 KW, used for applications with large/higher energy needs. 

“Filius” and “KWK” modules allow, like other 2G equipment, permanent remote monitoring and control of the operation. 


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Typical Applications

  • Farms
  • Agricultural areas
  • Waste recycling plants
  • Landfill
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Others areas where biogas is produced 


Tehnical Data

Module Engine Electrical Thermal Electrical Thermal Total Tehnical
 Power  Power  Efficiency  Efficiency  Efficiency Data
filius 104 MAN 50 kW 70 kW 35,3% 49,8%
filius 204 MAN 64 kW 85 kW 36,1% 48,0% 84,1% Descarca
filius R06 MAN 75 kW 89 kW 38,0% 45,2% 83,2% Descarca
filius 106 MAN 100 kW 121 kW 38,0% 45,8% 83,8% Descarca
filius 206 MAN 150 kW 179 kW 38,2% 45,6% 83,8% Descarca
2G-KWK-190  BGG 190 kW 218 kW 38,7% 44,4%  83,1% Descarca


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