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CHP biogas equipments between 200 and 500 kW

echipament cogenerare biogaz 200 kW 500 kW

2G company, specialized in CHP equipments on biogas, installed untill 2016 more than 4500 units all over the world, the majority in the range of 200 to 500 KW. 

2G cogeneration equipments offer optimum solution for the capitalization of biogas, with  maximum efficiency, indifferently on how that is obtained: from animal waste, from vegetable scraps, from the mud of waste water treatment stations or from landfill. 

The majority of  2G equipment on biogas are delivered in special containers, making it easy to install. Also, in maximum 2 days, it is assembled on the spot, tested and operated  by the producer's specialists. 


AGENITOR – Un innovative installation

Agenitor modules – one of the 2G innovations – comes along with an optimized degree of  electrical efficiency, in addition to all the benefits of 2G-KWK. A higher amount of electricity is produced with the same costs, so that payback is done in a shorter period of time.This 2G agenitor innovation resulted through intensive research, in which the participation of the internationally-recognized expert for gas engines, Dr. Herdin, played a crucial role. 

Modul Putere electrica Putere termica Eficienta electrica Eficienta termica  

Typical Applications

  • Big farms
  • Waste recycling plants
  • Landfill
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Alcohol factories
  • Sugar factories
  • Large milk and dairy products factories


Tehnical Data

Modules Electrical  Thermal 
Thermal Tehnical
performance Performance Efficiency  Efficiency Data
2G-KWK-250-BG 250 kW 290 kW 38,8% 45,0% Descarca
2G-KWK-370-BG 370 kW 431 kW 38,8% 45,2% Descarca
agenitor 206 220 kW 232 kW 40,6% 42,8% Descarca
agenitor 306 250 kW 265 kW 41,0% 43,5% Descarca
agenitor 208 265 kW 298 kW 40,0% 45,0% Descarca
agenitor 212 400 kW 445 kW 40,1% 44,6% Descarca
agenitor 312 450 kW 469 kW 40,6% 42,3% Descarca


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Echipamente cu ardere interna pe biogaz cu putere intre 200-500kW Instalatii de reciclare a deseurilor Statile de epurare a apelor

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