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bteam energy instalatii cogenerare


B-Team Energy and Environment offers cogeneration and trigeneration solutions using advanced CHP systems with the highest electrical efficiency on the market.


B-Team Energy and Environment company is the exclusive representative in Romania of the German technology leader 2G Energy, supplier of CHP units on natural gas, biogas and syngas.


We offer various solutions for any type of biomass plant by the help of companies M+M TURBINEN TECHNIK and LAMBION.


Equipment are adapted to all consumer needs, having a power range between 50 KW and over 10 MW. Also, the systems can operated by using different fuels.

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For each client it’s running, free, a primary investment feasibility analysis for a cogeneration or trigeneration system, on the basis of the data we receive.

design and engineering

Design and engineering 

B-Team Energy and Environment collaborates with the leading designers of facilities in Romania, companies with extensive experience in the field of energy.

financing cogeneration


Regardless of the size and scale of investment, there is a solution of financing.